Are You On A Bad Date And Don’t Even Know It?

They don’t call you back, they don’t text back, and when you get time with them, they are disheveled, rude and uninterested, doing barely enough to keep things going.

This sounds like a bad date…and it’s one that many businesses are on with their current IT guy.

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How To Find Your Passwords (And Never Need To Reset Them Again)

There are two types of people…which one are you?


  1. The frustrated, constant updater: You find yourself having to constantly click on “Forgot My Password” and verify your account, check your texts, scan a finger (give a pint of blood…maybe not that one) so you can reset your password. And it’s probably a brand-new one because you can’t use one you’ve used before, so this situation will happen again and again and again.

The weary optimist: You use the same password for every site, even though you know you shouldn’t because you’re tired of dealing with the above situation. This makes it SUPER-easy for hackers because chances are your password is available for sale on the dark web right now. But…you HOPE this doesn’t happen to you or you think you’re too small to worry about this because they only care about the “big fish.”

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Scarier Than The Boogeyman


One of the common issues on the Dark Web – whether you use it or not – is the sale of passwords, bank account information, Social Security numbers, and other private data.

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Controlling Startup Programs in Windows 10

So many things we use on our computer will automatically add themselves to the startup. While some of these are important, most of the time they are unwelcome party crashers that slow your computer down. In this podcast episode, I'll show you how to evaluate the programs that startup with Windows 10 and how to safely stop them from intruding on your machine.

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Learning to Use Windows in Windows

In today's video blog I show you how you can snap windows to the corners of your display essentially creating a multi-monitor effect on a single screen. It's really handy when you need to look at two different windows at the same time.

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