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Fun Ways to Improve Your Typing Skills

Technology Tips by Centrend Podcast: Episode 3

These days, when we aren’t on camera in a web meeting, it seems like we are typing on our computer keyboards. Typing skills are essential to be productive and competitive. I’m going to show you some effective and fun ways to improve your keyboarding skills.

Everyone, no matter their age, should seek to develop their typing skills as much as possible. The faster you can get your thoughts out and into the computer, the more productive your entire day will be.  In this blog, I show you several great online resources for mastering the keyboard.

First, www.ratatype.com.

Ratatype is a good learning tool. Many teachers send their students here, and the format is a lot like an actual typing course. If you choose to create an account and log in, the site will keep track of your progress and present increasingly challenging lessons.

I find this resource invaluable for practicing those harder letter/symbol combinations that you don’t get to type often but slow you down when you do need to type them.

Next, www.typeracer.com.

I have to admit; this one is my favorite. It can be very entertaining!

I’ve watched entire offices playing during their break time to compete for high scores!

You don’t have to log in here either. You can go directly to Enter a typing race.  Like Ratatype, if you log in, the site will track your high scores.

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