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Proudly Servicing Central New England’s IT Support Needs 2005

With Offices in Sturbridge, MA and Worcester MA, Centrend has been providing Information Technology (IT) managed services and consulting to business customers throughout New England for over 17 years. We are also well-equipped to provide managed services, training, and consulting to companies in other regions such as the Midwest and Florida with a highly competitive value proposition.
Why businesses depend on Centrend for complete IT service and IT support:

Aligning Business Strategy with Managed IT Services is our Mission

Buying technology is not enough. Having a business strategy is not enough. To really optimize and be competitive in today’s economy, we must have alignment between the business strategy and Information Technology investments. By asking a lot of questions and by gaining a deep understanding of your business, Centrend’s consultants will provide you with the technical guidance and insight needed to achieve the best possible results in support of your business plan. Check out our Virtual CIO service to learn more about our high-level consulting services.

Taking Away the Stress and Worry about IT is our Goal

At Centrend, we know how system downtime can affect everything about your business. So we’re here to help support you, guide you, and help you gain better control of your information systems. Here are some of the things that our customers used to worry about:

Do any of them sound like your situation right now? In a quick 15-minute call, we can discover how we can help you. Call us at 774-241-8600 or click here to schedule a call.

How Can We Help You?

Better Inventory Tracking and Control

We helped a local manufacturing company reorganize and computerize their inventory control system. Shop employees had to write down their production in a log during their shift. Anyone in customer service or operations departments that wanted to know the status of a job would have to go find it on the shop floor and look at it.

With the new system in place, shop employees keyed their production results into an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Through the integration of the system, everyone in the organization could tell the status of that production job as it moved through the manufacturing process without leaving their office.

The operational efficiency allowed them to increase their sales 25% while at the same time reducing inventory costs by 35%.

How we do IT?

Centrend provides you with exceptional Information Technology (IT) Service and support by deploying tools that monitor systems in Real Time. Our monitoring capability gives us telemetry and statistics on what is going on with each element of your technology. From the most basic workstation to the most sophisticated server, we can make sure problems are quickly identified and remedied; often before you even realize there would be an issue.

Here are a few other important things that set Centrend apart and help you best:

Who Needs Us?

We are specialists in providing computer support, monitoring, consulting and managed services for businesses throughout New England. How can we help your company make better use of technology?
Our customers often come to us concerned about:
If you have any of these concerns, please contact us to learn how we can help put your mind at ease by keeping your data safe and your computers up and running.

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