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Security First

You can’t know your network is as secure as it can be unless an independent, third party has audited it. It is also impossible to know whether your backups would work when needed unless they have been tested.

Centrend can conduct an audit of your firewall, security policies, and backup systems to give invaluable feedback as to how your current system stacks up vs. generally accepted best practices. We also have ERP systems have complete modules that track all business resources. By the time your audit is complete, you will be able to sleep better at night knowing your systems are reasonably secure and safe; or you’ll have a definitive action plan in front of you that will make them so!


If your organization accepts credit cards, there are specific standards you must follow. If you are not in compliance with these standards, the penalties can be severe, not to mention the risk of a lawsuit from affected parties. Centrend can help you perform a thorough, independent audit of your PCI Compliance to make sure you are operating within the standards.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Most people think of a disaster as something implausible to happen, such as an Earthquake in Massachusetts or a Tornado or Hurricane. When it comes to IT in Massachusetts, an emergency can be the sudden failure of a server to boot, or a critical piece of Internet Hardware going offline.

Centrend can you prepare for and minimize the damage caused by any disaster:
Why plan for disaster? There is only one reason: To minimize the interruption to your business.

Massachusetts 201 CMR 17 Standards for Protection of Personal Information

If your organization is Massachusetts based, there are strict laws now on the books that require organizations to take certain specific steps to protect confidential data. If you are not already compliant with this law, Centrend can provide invaluable guidance at an affordable cost. If you believe you are already compliant, we can help assure you remain so by obtaining and maintaining the systems that support compliance.

Please contact us now to learn more about our security and compliance offerings. We can even provide a free security assessment to qualified customers in the central Massachusetts area.


Centrend offers advisory services to help organizations ensure the security and safety of their network and data by conducting audits and providing guidance on best practices for security and compliance.

PCI compliance refers to the standards that organizations accepting credit cards must adhere to. Not being in compliance can lead to severe penalties and potential lawsuits.

Centrend can conduct an independent audit of your organization’s compliance with PCI standards, which is necessary if your organization accepts credit cards.

Centrend can help implement fault-tolerant systems for high availability, utilize imaging technology to quickly restore workstations, and provide comprehensive IT disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

It is important to have an audit to ensure the safety and security of your systems, as well as to prevent potential penalties and lawsuits. 

Centrend offers audits of firewalls, security policies, and backup systems to provide feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of your current system.

Centrend can provide high availability systems, use imaging technologies to quickly restore failed workstations, and provide comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plans to minimize interruptions to your business.

Security and Compliance Free Consultation

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