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What 6 things increase the longevity of your computer?

Individuals and small businesses struggle with ways to increase the lifetime value of their PC hardware. ​ What can you do​ to keep your computer running strong like you?​

Extending the life of existing desktops and laptops to reduce your cost and lower your budget is critical in today’s economic climate. Families and companies alike are dealing with limited resources and need their computers to last more than a couple of years. The truth is a quality computer that is maintained will last several years – perhaps even a decade! So how do you make sure your PC investment lasts?

The first factor is your buying strategy. Start with a quality computer build. If you buy the cheapest, bargain-basement computer off the shelf, you can’t expect it to last as long as a solid business-class or mid-range residential system. The reality is for a few dollars more you end up with hardware that will last six or more years.

Assuming you started with a decent build to begin with, a PC tuneup will go a long way toward extending your computer’s speed and overall life.

Here’s a list of things you should be doing at least quarterly to keep your computer running well:

  1. Proactively clean and defrag your computer
  2. Repair registry issues with your system
  3. Keep up to date with hardware drivers
  4. Your operating system should be updating regularly – make sure that it’s happening
  5. Maintain antivirus software (besides what the computer operating system comes with)
  6. Check for add-ons and other unwanted leeches that sap your computer’s resources

Centrend can take care of all these things for your business with our automated tools. Give us a call!

If you are a home user or solopreneur, visit our whizkidsupport.com site for affordable maintenance plans tailored to your individual needs.

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