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Are Cell Phones Ruining Communications?

Technology is great. I believe in its development and use to the benefit of all humankind. However, there is a real danger that we are losing our ability to communicate with each other because of the way cell phones are way overused. 

I’m sure you’ve seen the scenario. A set of parents with their two children are out to a nice family dinner at a restaurant. Rather than talk, they are all on their phones accessing social media or texting friends. It’s not just the kids; it’s adults as well. People are on social media and texting others instead of talking to one another. They are using cell phones at the dinner table instead of having a conversation with the people they are with.  We see this in families, couples, and friends that are out to dinner, at social gatherings, even while they are walking around! 

Sometimes the behavior is just rude, and they are disengaged from those they are with due to a lack of respect or lack of interest. Other times it can be caused by a condition called FOMO, or Fear of Missing out. Psychology Today has an article that describes experiments done to prove that a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a real and valid condition. The article continues to say that FOMO has become prevalent among young adults across America and in many other parts of the world as well. If you think it’s not really a thing, I’m sorry to say that it is. The American Addiction Center, LLC, a leading provider of rehab for addicts, has a website called PyschGuides.com on which they have published an article “Signs and Symptoms of Cell Phone Addition.” 

I’m not the only techy to pick up on the dangers of excessive smartphone use.  Check out this article on the popular website, PC Mag.

If this sounds like you, your family, or your friends, I urge you to get cell phone use under control and be present with the people you are physically with.

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