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Don’t Frankenstein your IT!

Are you trying to cobble together pieces of disparate systems that weren’t meant to talk to each other? Are you hopeful that connecting mismatched data sets will breathe life into your IT Systems? Don’t Frankenstein your IT! Read on to find out what I mean.

You know the story of Dr. Victor von Frankenstein, right? He was a promising young doctor who was so devastated by the death of a loved one that he became obsessed with bringing the dead back to life. He worked feverishly to create a creature out of body parts and spends the rest of his time trying to decide if his creature can be trusted. 

Is a maddeningly similar experiment taking place month after month, year after year in your own workplace? 

Do you spend countless hours piecing together systems that have never talked to one another?

Have you seen or even fallen victim to your company’s “separate islands” of information?

If this sounds like your business I can help you break out of the scary, torturous pitfalls of information segmentation! 

Contact me using the phone, email, or form below for a free consultation.

Meanwhile, Happy Halloween!!

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