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Centrend Founder Paul LaFlamme lives Information Technology (IT). That passion for IT goes beyond just what computers can do. For Paul, it’s become how IT can be the key component and driving force of a successful business strategy.

Starting Centrend in 2005, Paul helps clients implement and manage information systems that create a competitive advantage in a broad range of industries.

Paul and the Centrend team empower business owners and solopreneurs to maximize profitability, security and customer satisfaction levels. In 2020, Paul added a consumer division, Whiz Kid Support, which caters to household customers and very small businesses.

Centrend, Inc. is registered with the CMMC-AB as a provider organization. As a certified security expert, Paul and his organization assist their clients in preparing for security audits for Department of Defense contractors, PCI and SEC to ensure compliance with numerous security standards at both state and federal level.

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