Should you buy a Chromebook, PC, or Mac?

While any Chromebook, PC, or Mac can be used for email and web browsing, it’s all the other activities that determine what is right for you. Read this article to get some insight into the advantages of each option.

They are all computers but Chromebooks run the Chromium operating system whereas PCs run Windows (typically) and Macs run Mac OS. Which one is right for your particular use, depends on how and where you’ll use it and what you will use it for. 

Below I’ll describe key considerations when you choose a platform, then I’ll highlight the key advantages each platform has over the others.

Key Decision Factors

  • Do you want to run specific programs that require one of the platforms?
  • How important is portability?
  • Does it need to start up fast?
  • Will you always have a strong internet connection?
  • Will you use it for long periods of time and need a full keyboard, mouse, and large screen?

Advantages of Chromebooks:

  1. Chromebooks start very fast 
  2. Chromebooks are secure against malware and viruses right out of the box
  3. Lots of free, easy-to-use software (Google Apps for example) which minimize your expense.
  4. Video streaming on Chromebooks works great 
  5. Chromebooks require little or no maintenance and can be wiped to factory defaults in just a few clicks
  6. Very easy to set up – you need a free Gmail account and an internet connection
  7. Long battery life and highly portable

Advantages of a Windows PC or Mac:

  1. Don’t need an internet connection all the time
  2. Can attach just about any screen
  3. Have more ports for connecting printers, scanners, etc
  4. Very strong processors and graphic cards
  5. Applications are wide-ranging and powerful though some are quite pricey
  6. Very tight security is readily configurable with VPNs, Next-Gen antivirus software, etc.

In short, you can do a lot more with a Windows PC or Mac but it will take more work to set it up and your cost of ownership will be higher.  If you need help deciding what is right for your small business, We’d be glad to offer a free consultation to discuss.

If you are a home user or solopreneur, visit our whizkidsupport.com site for great free advice along with programs tailored to individual needs.

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