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Email Hosting and Document Collaboration

There is no better application more suited to the cloud then Email. Email is inherently internet based anyway, so the decision to retire your on-premises mail server and move email to the cloud is usually an easy one. You can save time, money and reduce risk by putting email into the Internet Cloud. Whether you are an exchange organization or rely on a traditional Pop3 mail server, you can move to an extremely reliable Microsoft Exchange or Google hosted G-Suite server at a significant cost savings over keeping these services in-house. Collaboration using Google Drive or Microsoft One-Drive could not be any easier. Easily share files, folders and important documents with members of your organization or with external business partners. Your data will stay more secure than ever using Centrend’s least-permission approach to data security and integrity management.

Overview of the Benefits of G Suite or Office 365

Below is a quick outline of some of the key benefits of hosted Email and documents using G Suite or Office 365.

Save Resources: You will reduce operating costs with your subscription because you will no longer need to buy software licenses or maintain the server hardware on your own. Cloud solutions are very scalable too, which means you will now have to worry about replacing servers due to unexpected growth.

Confidence in 24/7 Support: You can get someone to help with questions or problems 24/7, 365 days a year. Almost any problem can be remotely diagnosed in minutes, resolving your G Suite or Office 365 usage questions in record time.

Mobility and Freedom: You will have the ability to allow you and your team to work when you want, where you want, and from whatever platform you choose to deploy. No longer will staff’s creative be stifled because they are bound to a specific computer at a specific desk. Your employees’ productivity will skyrocket because of increased flexibility and diversity of their work environment.

Improve security and keep ahead of technology: Users often put off upgrades to software whether they are security updates or even major upgrades due to fear of causing problems or due to a lack of time. When you’re office applications are in the cloud, they stay up to date and current at all times providing the most secure and consistent experience.

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