Should my office be Wi-Fi only?

WiFi has come a long way in terms of speed and reliability. But there is still nothing like those irritating wires that are much faster and more reliable than interference-prone WiFi. Here are some guidelines for when you can go WiFi only and why you might not want to ditch all the wires just yet.

This is a simple decision, and if you “Google” the topic, you will find lots of detailed, complicated articles arguing in one direction or the other. It comes down to this: the only place for WiFi is when you need portability and mobility. If your office has a lot of workers moving around and working in different areas of your space, it could make sense to let them be WiFi only. Otherwise, hard wire them and you will have a faster, simpler, and much more reliable network.

You have to consider the physical capabilities of your computers and laptops. Are they capable of WiFi? Desktops sold today won’t include WiFi connectivity without specifically adding that capability. Many modern ultra-portable laptops, such as my Microsoft Surface Pro 6, have WiFi but don’t even have an ethernet port. If you order new equipment, make sure you know if it needs to have WiFi based on how and where it will be used.

Need help to decide? Give us a call, and we’ll talk it through with you.

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