Remote Support

If you're a user (not an IT staff member), it's hard to wait for a technician to arrive when all you need is a small tweak or quick fix. remote access supportPerhaps you have a simple question about running a mail merge, or your printer connection stopped working just as you needed a print job for a meeting. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone appear like a genie and take care of the problem without the wait?

Try Centrend's remote help desk! When you face a computer or serve problem, invite us in to solve the problem swiftly as your technician talks to you over the phone. Sound intriguing? Please contact Centrend today to discuss how remote help-desk support could be the answer to your PC prayers.

Remote Monitoring of Critical Services

Centrend can catch and correct problems before you notice them! Our remote monitoring tools let us monitor your network from our corporate headquarters and alert your technician to take corrective action before your business is affected.

Ask us how Centrend can help keep your network running 24/7.