Information Technology Outsourcing

Centrend works with companies that have no IT department and those that already have an Information Technology Systems staff but additional help with projects or vacation coverage.

No IT support staff?

no IT Support?When a customer has no IT staff, the burden usually falls to the office administrator or general manager who often does not have the skills or knowledge to make sure all the bases are covered. When there is a problem, costs soar and time is wasted because an average consultant comes in that does not know the network or how the users interact with the systems and troubleshooting takes longer.

With Centrend managing your IT, things are different. We assign a Technical Consultant to do most of the on-site work and to manage the relationship with the customer. Your staff gets to know your technician and your technician gets to know your people and your systems.

Everything is documented in a centralized, online database that technicians can access from any location. Remote support can be performed from anywhere your technician can get in from of a computer to solve problems fast and at a minimal cost.

IT support to busy or on vacation?

Everyone is busy with multiple projects, objectives and deadlines and that's certainly true in the IT department.

Professional IT OutsourcingMore often than not, companies that start out contracting an interim IS Manager as a temporary solution find that they would have to spend almost twice the cost to achieve the same level of service they receive from the well-rounded professional we provide. Why? Mainly for these reasons:

Time and Costs Required to Find and Qualify Candidates
Retraining costs are high: Technology Professionals not employed by a technology company typically stay less than 3 years
Payroll Taxes, Vacation Time, Insurance and other additional costs are high
Many Small-Medium companies don't need a high-level person full-time
It is more productive and cost-effective if the de-facto IS person at small-medium companies is freed up to do the job they were hired to do.
Further if that person leaves, the company is left with no one that knows their system and no documentation to pass along to a replacement; when one can be found.
Companies that are restructuring or in the midst of a turn-around can save considerable costs by outsourcing their information systems.


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