Project Management

For any project to succeed, someone must coordinate the tasks involved and hold participants accountable for completing their tasks on time. Without a staff person with enough cross-functional business experience to manage the project professionally, many well-intentioned projects never reach their potential or actually fail.

Business Project ManagementCentrend can help solve this problem by placing someone at your company on a part-time basis to coordinate and direct the project team's nternal and external resources. From kick-off and planning to execution and follow-through, your Centrend Project Management professional will make sure your project comes through on time and on budget.

Our Project Management service is not just for Information Technology projects. Our certified project managers have managed a wide range of project, including:


ERP implementation in a manufacturing environment
New product launch coordination
Product costing and gross margin analysis
Telecommunications systems implementation

If you have a project that's off track or a key project looming that requires flawless execution, contact us today for a free consultation and learn how we can help!

Business Data Analysis

Business Data AnalysisMost companies don't take full advantage of the valuable business intelligence data they already possess. Other companies face paralysis by analysis from analyzing too much data-- or the wrong data - for insights on how to solve their business problems. Centrend gets to the heart of the issues by asking the right questions that lead tonew approaches.

From standard product costing and margin contribution to sophisticated cash flow projections, Centrend can help you build comprehensive data analysis models to solve business problems without investing in expensive software. You'll be amazed how little it costs for MS Excel-based software solutions that can serve your company effectively and maximize productivity for years to come.

For help with any size business, whether a small sole proprietorship or a mid-sized corporation, please contact us to learn more about our business data analysis methods and techniques.

Business Process Analysis

Computer systems and hard-working personnel are often rendered ineffective because of deficient or out-dated business processes. Business processes become sacred cows that employees believe can't be touched because "it's always been done that way." Centrend provides a cost-effective way to bring about change by exploring a company's business processes and understanding the involved departments' requirements. We get to the heart of the process and analyze how both people and office tools work together to accomplish the process objective. We ask the right questions and understand a broad range of information systems technology.

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Turnaround Specialty

Turnaround specialistsWhen your company is in trouble and restructuring managers are working to turn it around, you need a technology person without an agenda. Someone who can quickly understand the turnaround manager's data needs and get that data pulled into analysis tools (such as MS Excel) for the manager to identify the root cause of business problems.

A consultant on our team specializes in assisting turnaround managers to pull the right data together from non-homogeneous systems for data analysis. With a business and accounting background, plus technology management experience, we can place someone to help:

  • Shed light on existing information and communications systems to lower costs
  • Understand data analysis requirements in financial terms
  • Quickly reduce IT support costs
  • Replace or supplement IT Staff and management
  • Provide full outsourcing to save considerable cost
  • Manage cost reduction project teams

If your company specializes in corporate turnaround management or needs restructuring assistance, please contact us to learn how we can partner to help you succeed in accomplishing your restructuring goals.