Best ERP Solutions for Small Business

Many small businesses start off as family owned and operated organizations that have learned to make do with less. When times are prosperous, owners find little time to evaluate their core business systems. In more challenging times, when business is down, owners focus on retrenching and survival.


Does this sound like your business?

      ... You run your business on spreadsheets


      ... Your accounting system is an off-the-shelf entry level package such as Quickbooks


      ... It's hard to get a handle on what your products and services actually cost?



You may be ready for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Ideally, ERP software is an integrated suite of applications that handle all your core standard business processes as well as special business processes that give you a competitive advantage.


Small Businesses Need...

  • Accurate, Fast Information
  • An Easy to Implement System
  • Exceptional Value for Fast Return on Investment


If you’ve decided it’s time for a change, Centrend can help you create a business case (with ROI) for new software, and make sure your software aligns with your short term and long term corporate strategy.

Centrend Small Business Featured ERP

Passport Software

Centrend only chooses to partner with the best in class providers, such as our alliance with Passport Software, makers of one of the most cost effective, yet feature packed ERP solutions for small business. Many of Centrend's small manufacturing clients are choosing PBS Manufacturing by Passport Software.

Centrend has a comprehensive process for helping you evaluate and select a new ERP system. Please contact us to get started!