Best ERP Solutions for Larger Businesses

Choosing the best ERP Solution for your growing business is not an easy decision. While the value can be tremendous and the Return on Investment can come fast, we would first suggest a thorough analysis of current systems be conducted to determine if it really is time for a change.

So how do you know if it's time for changing the systems used to run your business?

  • Are you trying to do more with fewer resources?
  • You know a lot of information goes into the system but you still can't get the answers you need
  • Have you outgrown your current system? Feeling "growing pains"?
  • Do you have silos or islands of information instead of a shared data source for making business decisions?
  • Are your operational costs too high as a percentage of revenue?
  • Do your current systems fail to support "Lean Manufacturing" concepts?


Growing Businesses Need...

  • A robust, efficient ERP
  • Limited complexity with tremendous functionality
  • A well-managed implementation


Centrend takes the following approach to ensure ERP Implementation success:

  1. Business Process Analysis - helping you determine baseline needs
  2. Identify your “special requirements” that narrow the field of possible ERP Vendors
  3. Vendor Selection & Negotiation
  4. Project Management & Coordination Support
  5. Ongoing Consulting, Support and Optimal Utilization


Centrend has a comprehensive process for helping you select a new ERP system and even determining when it makes sense to better understand and utilize the systems already in place. Please contact us to get started!