How to Use Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is a very secure process of keeping your sensitive data private. In this blog, I explain in simple terms what Multi-factor authentication is, why you should use it where available, and how you can use it to keep your data private.

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How To Set Up Email Signatures

Technology Tips By Centrend Podcast: Episode #6

Don't you admire the professional look of a well-crafted email signature? Much more than just a name, a well-designed email signature is a block of text and graphics representing you and your brand. In this video podcast, I will show you how to create professional-looking email signatures in two of the most popular email clients; Gmail and Outlook.

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How to Recover Your Windows 7 Password


Technology Tips By Centrend Podcast: Episode #5

With the scarcity of computers right now and the need for additional computers for remote working and remote learning, many folks are dusting off their old Windows 7 computers. The problem is, you may not remember the password to it. In this blog entry, I show you how to recover a Windows 7 password, without a recovery USB stick.

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Using a Whiteboard in 2020

Technology Tips by Centrend Podcast: Episode 4

I love working with a whiteboard. In fact, I can think of no technique more effective for brainstorming a project than getting a team of folks sharing ideas in front of a whiteboard.  In 2020, we are forced out of the office, but the need for project collaboration and groupthink doesn't stop.  

Enter the digital whiteboard. A powerful team collaboration tool that lets you collaborate with up to 50 participants that can be located anywhere in the world. 

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Fun Ways to Improve Your Typing Skills

Technology Tips by Centrend Podcast: Episode 3

These days, when we aren't on camera in a web meeting, it seems like we are typing on our computer keyboards. Typing skills are essential to be productive and competitive. I'm going to show you some effective and fun ways to improve your keyboarding skills.

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