Webroot is an antivirus program that is centrally managed by Centrend Inc to provide you with the best and fastest security application available. Webroot is the industry-leading antivirus, antimalware and antispyware application. Webroot installs in under five minutes and usually scans in under 90 seconds. The program is available through Centrend to provide security for Windows and Mac PC's as well as Apple and Android mobile devices. 

World-class protection. Game-changing performance.
The most powerful threat analysis engine in the world

Over 6.4 million malware threats caught daily

  • 793,000 new files discovered daily
  • 27 billion web pages and 600 million domains scored and classified
  • 20 million mobile apps analyzed and scored
  • 4.3 billion IP addresses analyzed
  • Malicious sites make up over 22% of all URLs

Intelligent, proactive protection

  • Detects and blocks viruses and other threats in real time, even never-before-seen malware
  • Next-generation, multi-layered protection tailors itself to your security needs
  • No need to buy antivirus AND malware protection - this one product does it best.


Lightning fast and non-intrusive

  • Fast scans protect you without interruptions or slowdowns                                
  • No rebooting to install updates
  • No system freeze while scanning big files
  • Cloud-based threat protection without bulky updates