From Servers to Workstations, Microsoft has the software you need to ensure your business's success. Below are some of the most important Microsoft products that our trained, certified engineers work with every day:

Microsoft Windows 10

Sets a new standard for efficient and dependable computing, giving you the freedom to experience the best of the digital age. It allows for a quicker, simplified deployment and management scalability for businesses of all sizes. Windows 10 delivers enhanced system reliability, improved security, extended mobility, and networking along with a simplified fresh user interface.

Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Evolving from the tried-and-true windows server platform of the late 90's, modern Windows Server 2016 is a powerhouse of performance, reliability, security, and scalability. For secure file sharing among teams to robust remote email services, a Microsoft Window server will be a great solution for your business management and security needs. 

Microsoft Desktop Services

Formerly called Windows Terminal Services, modern Windows Server now provides a unique desktop experience and simplified administration. It makes it easier and faster to deploy applications and enables the reuse of older hardware. Remote users have a smooth desktop experience that they describe it feels "just like begin in the office."

Microsoft Exchange Server

In today's business environment, success requires a powerful infrastructure for creating, storing, and sharing information, as well as tools for acting on that information with speed and intelligence. Exchange 2016 solves these challenges by and combining industry-leading reliability and scalability with unmatched ease-of-management. The result is an on-premises email server solution which provides the best email security and reliability for email communications inside and outside the organization.

Microsoft SQL Server

Business today demands a different kind of database solution. Windows SQL Server delivers the performance, scalability, and reliability that you need to manage large amounts of information quickly.  SQL Server provides agility to your data management and analysis, allowing your organization to adapt quickly and gracefully to realize a competitive advantage in a fast-changing environment.